Thursday, September 4, 2014

the nursery

I am very happy to share baby boys room! I absolutely love it!! It is the only room in our apartment that is completed and it just feels so warm and cozy.  It is also Izzy's favorite room in the house as he is constantly trying to sneak in and hide in the crib, or the teepee, or the closet, or under the bed, or on the changing pad. Everything is his.

Originally we started with a whale theme, then moved to a nautical theme, which eventually became a blue and grey room with nautical touches.  We were very inspired by Hawaii and as such the gallery wall above his crib is almost all Hawaii photos.  I love it! It really makes me want to finish hanging all the photos in our apartment...

Aside from the gallery wall my next favorite part of baby boy's room is his library! I have been collecting children's book for about three years and now I finally have a place to put them all. In addition to the books I've been collecting we also inherited many books from a family friend and bought some new Spanish language books as we are determined that this child will speak Spanish.

I love books, so when the author of My First Books contacted me about reviewing some of her books I was thrilled! As soon as we received the My First Books series I immediately flipped through the pages looking at all the bright and colorful photos that I know baby boy will love.  There's even a pineapple page in the fruits book! I am so glad to have these books as part of our collection and I can't wait to read them to baby boy.

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