Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Michael Eston Showcase; A Date Night

     On Tuesday the 18th, Marissa & I went out for our first real date night since Kian arrived.  About a month ago we found out that a fellow classmate of mine form Penn State would be coming to Nashville to play a showcase of his music to some recording label types.  Though, generally speaking, country music isn't really our thing, we've been ardent supporters of his dream so we didn't want to pass up the opportunity to support him in person.   

     Eston & his band are actually based in Huntington Beach, CA.  So, coming out to Nashville to perform their music in the Country Music Capital of the world was a huge deal for them. Talking with Hank (as he was better known in college) before the show, you could tell he was extremely excited & a little bit nervous.  We got to chat wit him for a while & he caught us up on everything he & his band had been up to.  In the last couple of years they've recorded & released an album, shot a few music videos & have been generally trying to make a career of performing their music. 

     The performance kicked off at 12th & Porter a little late, as musicians are generally want to do.  The sound was great in the venue & the band seemed to be enjoying themselves.  They played for about an hour, covering what I believe to be their entire catalog.  Hank told us we were welcome to take pictures & videos of the performance, so Marissa & I documented his showcase for his friends & family who couldn't be there.  Below is a selection of photos from the show & Marissa has put together a brief video using Michael Eston's "Jack Daniels Angry" song as the backing music. 


  1. Live music is my favorite thing! And Jack Daniels is a close second so yay for his song title haha

    1. My husband would agree with you on Jack Daniels. Me, not so