Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Anderson Road Fitness Trail

Or, our first "hike" as a family of four! We are now a family of four! Yay!! It's been amazing and wonderful and I can't believe our little family has grown by one.

Now that our family has grown, and I can walk more than ten feet without feeling exhausted, we really want to make an effort to get outdoors more. Hiking, camping, biking, I want to do it all!

In order to start off easy for this recovering mama, we chose the Anderson Road Fitness Trail which is paved and just over a mile.  While I would probably never visit this trail again, I'm so glad this is the first one we chose because when we passed the 1/2 mile marker, I felt like we had already walked five miles... who knows what would have happened if we had gone on a real hike!

Brenden wrangled Kian and Nova while I had sweet girl in the baby sling.
 When you look at the map, most of the trail goes right along  Percy Priest Lake, but in reality you don't have much of a view because of all the trees.  They do have several cut offs with benches where you can go to sit and stare.
After the 1 mile marker, you walk on the road back to the parking lot.  Not ideal with a dog and a stroller. But we made it or more specifically, I did it! I walked a whole mile without taking a break..what an accomplishment ;) This is just the start though, I can't wait to get out there more and push myself. 

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