Saturday, March 31, 2018

Montgomery Bell State Park 2/59

Continuing our journey of visiting all 59 Tennessee state parks, this weekend we went to Montgomery Bell State Park out near White Bluff. I chose this park because it was the closest park to us that was doing an Easter egg hunt, wanted to try and mix in a kid activity with some exploring.

We got there early and spent some time playing and watching the birds of prey presentation.

About twenty minutes before the egg hunt, everyone decided to line up for the egg hunt.  When I watched them put the eggs out, an hour before the event, I thought there would be tons of eggs for everyone.  I was very, very wrong.

I took this picture ten minutes before we started and people were still arriving... The whole "hunt" lasted about ten seconds. Mila was able to grab half an egg, and Kian found one whole egg.  I convinced him to go over to the playground and pick up some of the ones that were broken after I noticed that the field around up was clear and our chances of finding any in the hoard of people in front of us was slim. This was our first mass egg hunt, and we will never attend another. Afterwards I heard people complaining that parents were pushing kids out of the way and picking up eggs. I did not see that, but I was very surprised at the speed with which the under 4 kids managed to clear the field...

After the egg hunt, we went off to explore more of the park and drove past the cabins.  The cabins looked cool, and had big outdoor fire places. But, Brenden and I both noted that they would not be our first choice to stay as the view is not great.

We ended up parking at a nearby playground (a different one, there were a lot of playgrounds!) and headed out on the wildcat trail.  

The trail was parallel with the road for a bit, had a canyon overlook, went past a lake, crossed over some stairs near a cabin and then seemed to end.  It was a prefect hike for two tired kiddos!

We may go back to Montgomery Bell in the future, but for now we have many more parks to explore!
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