Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mighty Mo

Brenden, our friend Aubree and I met up with the Honolulu Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association over the weekend to do some volunteer work on the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. The original plan was for us to paint the gun turrets and swab the decks, but it was pouring rain!  When we boarded Mighty Mo, we learned that our new task was going to be sweeping & dusting.  Essentially it meant we got a behind the scenes tour while carrying rags & brooms.  We were able to tour the brigs, barber shop, laundry area, gun control room, engine room, mess hall, broadway, dental clinic and a gun turret. It was really cool!! We got to go behind all those ropes that say, "Restricted Area." It was a lot of fun.

We hope the next time we go back we actually get to paint the ship.

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