Thursday, May 8, 2014

sleeping with my really cuddly cat

Prepare yourself for many fuzzy cell phone photos.



If Izzy was a dog I think he would bark at everyone that tried to be in the same room as me. 

As the pregnancy has progressed Izzy has become more and more of a cuddler.  He never used to cuddle with me, (Brenden was his preferred sleeping partner) so this is all pregnancy related.  At first I thought it was adorable but now I'm just getting annoyed. At one point we put a chair right next to my side of the bed with his favorite blanket in the hopes that he would sleep there, and it worked! for a few weeks...Then it was just a chair that I tripped over getting up in the middle of the night. 

I love my cat, I really do but he is a furnace that refuses to move. My temperature is already running really hot and now I have a him sleeping between my legs and no matter how much I push him away from me and throw him onto Brenden he finds his way back between my legs, or on my arm, or curled up next to my belly. 

I am grateful he's not trying to sleep on top of the baby anymore.

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