Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sewing for baby: muslin blankets

When I decided to make sewing for baby a series I thought I would get everything done really quickly.  Then, we moved and I didn't get much done, until recently. This first project is muslin blankets that were actually quite easy to make.  I bought a yard of gauze fabric and bright blue dye from Joann's and got to work.  

I dyed one solid blue and tried to do the other one with an ombre effect, which sort of worked. The dye would of stained the bathtub so either I had to sit there and hold the blanket up for 30 minutes or just do it a little faster and hope for the best... I still like them.

I also hemmed the blankets before dying them but I did each one a different way. The one on the left I just filed over and sewed and you can se the little strings coming off of it from being washed.  The one of the right I fold over twice and sewed and it is SO much better.  If I make any more of these I will definitely fold is twice and sew. I hate the shredding.

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